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Empowering Vulnerable Communities by Bridging the Employment Gap: The Crucial Role of Tailored Recruitment Solutions

Tailored Recruitment Solutions is a project-based style of recruitment that provides personalised volume talent solutions in short timeframes whilst still delivering on client criteria's and needs.

These recruitment projects are led by experts who specialise in screening, interviewing, and placing high-quality candidates in short periods of time whilst still meeting specific criteria. Talentpath’s Alli Swanson has implemented and facilitated a custom recruitment framework for the volume space, resulting in high engagement and participation rates from candidates. Business needs and culture fit candidates are a top priority, which is why our methodology is designed to find talent with great efficiency and as accurately as possible. Bespoke recruitment events and engagement opportunities are the backbone of Tailored Recruitment Solutions for employers looking to fill numerous roles, in a streamlined and thorough process.

The Innovative Approach

By thinking creatively, taking risks, and working hard, Alli has excelled in bridging the employment gap with an industry that has a shortage of support workers with people from socioeconomic backgrounds and connect them to outstanding opportunities. The success of these recruitment events is underpinned by her ability to empathise with people from diverse backgrounds. By committing to helping people to find real opportunities and career pathways, specifically empowering those more vulnerable, this unique approach has helped in placing over 500 candidates into roles that have long-term security with learning and development opportunities for them to upskill.

Character-Centric Recruitment

Skills; micro or macro can be learned but one thing volume recruitment reveals immediately is character. Since March 2022, Alli has led more than 30 recruitment events helping people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, women over 45 and young people find a career in support work by matching them with earn-and-learn traineeships. These traineeships are facilitated by RMIT, guaranteeing work at completion.

She has challenged the traditional process of recruitment, putting her own spin on things.

Traditional recruitment processes include looking at a prospective candidates’ hard skills and resume, but by embracing a new method of recruitment which focuses on value alignment, character and lived experiences, Alli has empowered vulnerable communities by providing them with learn-and-work opportunities.

If these base requirements are met, and the assessment is completed at the recruitment events – this new method allows Alli to create a safe space with no a judgement environment where candidates can come out of their shell. This type of process gave her the opportunity to assess them based on their human qualities, seeing their strengths and transferrable skills from previous life experiences, which are perfectly matched to support worker opportunities.

The Process

A real challenge is the ability to set up the recruitment events to assess over 30+ people both in a group setting and in one-to-one interviews. These group interviews start with an icebreaker activity followed by a casual problem-solving activity where they must work together with other candidates, Clients and Talentpath. At this stage, this is where they start to flourish and show their true selves.  

The Outcome

These remarkable outcomes have transformed the recruitment process, and this innovative approach offers advantages to both employers and candidates. This achievement couldn’t have been replicated through traditional methods, and we’re proud to share that Alli has been recognised for her bold moves and named a finalist at the SARA Seek Awards. We’re excited to see how this process continues to foster and drive more inclusive and diverse workforces throughout Australia.

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