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23/24 Talent Guide

The future of work in Australia is here.

The results from more than 1,000 survey respondents are in.

We levelled up our survey this year with relevant questions informed by current pain points Australians are experiencing in 2023 and projected to experience in 2024. We predicted that economic strains such as rising inflation, continuous interest rate hikes, and talks of a recession would influence what people will prioritise when it comes to their jobs – and we were right.

Intriguing statistics directly from working Australians.

23/24 respondents tell us they favour salary, job stability, and flexible working, with all generations ranking salary as their number 1 factor that would attract them to a new role. It’s also no surprise that 61% of respondents told us they’ve taken action in the last 12 months due to the rising cost of living, with many Australians feeling the pinch as the cost of living continues to rise. On the flip side, respondents have also said they are less likely to budge from their current roles in comparison to last year.

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Of respondents expect to change jobs within the next year


Of respondents are undertaking study to further develop their skills and expand career opportunities


Of respondents say health and wellbeing initiatives are more important than salary


Of Gen Z experienced anxiety in the past 12 months

What could employers do to improve their recruitment processes?

'Be transparent about salary, show commitment to mental health through actionable initiatives.'

Learning & Development Specialist

‘Employers need to start by putting themselves in the shoes of the employees during this current cost of living crisis and acknowledge that times are hard and people are burnt-out. Ensuring a potential employee knows that they will be looked after is essential’

Project Manager

'Communicate honestly and often throughout the process'


Every time we connect talent with a role and organisation that perfectly align, we do a little happy dance.

For us, recruitment always comes down to the people and the lives we continue to impact through incredible opportunities, and that is why we’ve stayed true to the purpose of the Talent Guide. Yes, the insights are certainly valuable to analyse and apply to workplace practices, but it’s the stories that expose the sheer impact a new job or organisation has on a person’s life and career. Get to know all 19 featured talent by downloading this year's guide below.


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